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About us

Thanks so much, for visiting our website!

We are Eileen and Arthur van Stiphout.  Our goal is to ensure  “ The Outdoor Life ”  will be reachable for all of us and you can enjoy to have a safe experience when hiking or camping. We hope our content will motivate you to go Outdoors and will contribute to experience all the beautiful nature and wildlife we have around us. We have immense respect for Mother Nature.

We have made special Best Practice – Practical Tutorials, detailed Gear Guides, and recommended gear overviews for you. Our Posts explain and encourage Camping and Hiking experiences and will help being prepared for your next Outdoor Trips.

OutdoorSleepingAdventure has been born in the year 2016 as a first idea while enjoying the outdoor trails and camping trips. As we cannot do without the outdoor life we tried to understand what we can do to contribute to the community and help make folks more enthusiastic about hiking, camping with friends and family.

In 2019 the first posts were already made and this year 2020 we have put our first ever Website OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com  live!

Our motto: “ One life, live it! ” –  Enjoy nature!

Please have a look at our Guides Page, for each step of the camping experience we have something for you available or have a look at our Gear Page for some great tips and our recommendations.


Some of our pictures taken when hiking.

Hike by Simonsbath and Cow Castle by OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com
Tarr Steps at Exmoor National Park with OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com
Exmoor National Park Ranger by OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com
Exmoor National Park hike by OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com

We are passioned about hiking and camping. Over the past years we have had many great trips, together with our dog Stippy . We have learned a lot about practical need to know’s and investigated many different camping topics to better understand.

All we have learned and know will be posted on this website. We will continue to update the website on a regular basis with new interesting Outdoor Topics!

We hope this information will help you an even better Outdoor Sleeping Experience.