Essential Clothing for Mountain Biking and Bike Packing

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Essential Clothing for Mountain Biking and Bike Packing for Beginners

Have you bought the bike and mastered all the skills? Now, you need to stock up all the essential clothing for mountain biking and bike packing before you start the ultimate adventure on trails. Choosing the right cloth is equally important as preparing for the bike. If you are an adventure lover then mountain biking is such a fun way to get outside and explore. Your riding experience will be totally different when you wear the right clothes.

Your bike packing gear should include all the usual backpacking items, such as a tent, sleeping bag, stove, and some basic bike items such as a full-face mountain bike helmet, glasses/goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, socks, tire-repair kit, multi-tool with a chain tool, and spare tubes.

Mountain Biking differs from road biking. It is a fun way to exercise and connect with nature. You will enjoy your mountain biking experience when you wear the right clothes and protective gear that fits you. Protection is a key, whether your riding approach is cautious.

In this blog, here is a guide on essential clothing for mountain biking and bike packing for beginners.

What should I wear for first time Mountain Biking?

This may be the first question that arises in the mind of every mountain biker before he/she starts first ride to the trail. Dressing for mountain biking depends upon the weather, temperature, and the location where you ride. Here are a couple of things you should consider to wear if you are going mountain biking for the first time:

Chamois and Liners

Chamois or a good pair of liner shorts are a necessity for every bike rider. Chamois is the padded shots that will quickly higher your comfort level in the saddle. Avoid using the regular cotton shorts because cotton absorbs the moisture and the shorts will start to creep as you ride in the saddle.

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Mountain bike Jersey, Jacket or Top

When choosing the right things to wear on your first day at the trail, picking the right top is as necessary as picking up the right shorts. Mountain bike jersey has a breathable feature that keeps the moist away from your skin. These are a tight fit and usually offer a zip design to change easily.

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Mountain biking gloves are different from regular cycling gloves. Mountain biking gloves have full finger length and have additional padding around the palm of the hand. These gloves also have carbon fiber shells that protect the knuckles.

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Glasses or Goggles

Protecting your eyes is equally important as to protect other parts of the body. Always wear those glasses that will stay in place when you get sweaty. There are some mountain bike specific glasses that pull out the contrast in the shady woods.

These are some of the essential things you must consider wearing when going for mountain biking first the time.

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What Protective Gear do I need for Mountain Biking?

Choosing the protective gear for mountain biking varies with the style of mountain biking you are doing. If you are a downhill mountain biker then you need the most protective gear that includes a full face mountain biking helmet, padded shorts, a solid neck brace, knee pads, elbow pads, and padded gloves. The most common type of pads that mountain bike riders used are Knee and elbow pads and they should be lightweight but solid. Other types of pads are padded shorts and chest or back protectors.

  1. Full Face Mask / Helmet
  2. Helmet
  3. Padded Shorts
  4. Neck Brace
  5. Knee Pads
  6. Elbow Pads
  7. Padded Gloves
  8. Back Protector

Always try to cover your exposed skin by wearing tall socks.

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What Shoes should I wear for Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking shoes are the most important part of the riding kit. When we ride a mountain bike, we have three points of contact with the bike:

  1. Handlebars
  2. Saddle
  3. Pedals

Clothing associated with these parts is the essential piece of a mountain bike kit. Choosing shoes could be a hard task for you but choosing rightly gives you a solid connection to your bike that you can trust. Shoes must be chosen by judging the pedals of your bike. For flat pedals, mountain bike shoes with stiff soles help in transferring power. Flat shoes are better than shoes with a lot of knobs and texture on the sole.

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Mountain biking in cold weather

Clothing for Mountain Biking

What do you Wear Mountain Biking in Cold Weather?

Mountain biking in winter is as fun as in any other season. If the weather getting cold, it does not mean to stop riding, you still can enjoy it when you are fully prepared. Always go for a waterproof or windproof jacket. Mountain bike pants are also important in cold weather as they keep you warm and protect you from cold breeze, water, and mud.

A good long sleeves base layer is an essential part of winter gear mountain biking. These base layers are worn just right with your skin, so it is upon you to choose the right fabric.

The most challenging thing in a cold weather is to keep warm your hands, ears, and feet. Go for thicker gloves, warm socks, or you could also add a buff under your helmet. Hands sweat more than you think, always make sure that your gloves are breathable too. Being warm and comfortable makes a huge difference physically and mentally.

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  1. Waterproof or Windproof Jacket
  2. Bike Pants
  3. Long Sleeves Base Layer
  4. Gloves
  5. Socks
  6. Helmet
Mountain biking summer

Clothing for Mountain Biking

What do you wear Mountain Biking in Warm Weather?

Are you wondering that what to wear for mountain biking in warm weather in which you will not get drenched quickly? Well, the best clothing kit you wear mountain biking in warm weather must include a well-ventilated helmet, moisture-wicking shorts, gloves, and shirt. 

These gloves will prevent sweat hands from slipping. Polarized glasses are also essential to cut down the glare and for the protection of your eyes from sun, dirt, and dust. Don’t wear any cloth made up of cotton.

Choosing the right gear on a hot summer day not only protects you from getting sweaty but also gives you the best riding experience. Considering the helmet color is also important in warm weather. It is better to choose lighter colored helmets that will reflect the sunlight back instead of absorbing heat. 

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  1. Well-ventitaled Helmet
  2. Moisture-wicking Shorts
  3. Gloves
  4. Shirt

What do you wear Mountain Biking in Moderate Weather?

There is no hard and fast rule of wearing a gear kit until the only thing matter is your comfort. The right attire will help you to enjoy the biking experience at your best. In moderate weather wear light clothes, there is no need to bluff warm clothes around your body.

What should you Not Wear on a Bike?

 Protection must be a key priority if you are going to start your mountain biking experience. Here is the list of things you should avoid to wear on a bike:

  • Avoid wearing jeans

Jeans are great, but not suitable for mountain biking. Denim material is thick and inflexible, which makes you uncomfortable with the saddle. An extra effort is required to stretch the denim over the knee every time – a recipe for discomfort.

  • Avoid Dangling laces and old shoes

It is mentioned in the above points that your hands and feet are exposed to the handlebars and pedals. You might like to wear your favorite old sneaker while hitting the trail but it will not be a good option. Old shoes may have loose laces that could tangle with the cycle chain and leads to a tragic accident.

  • Used Helmets

Wearing a used helmet could lead to several dangers. As a rule of thumb, always wear a helmet that you bought yourself.

  • Loose Clothes

Don’t wear loose clothes while riding a mountain bike because they are distracting for the riders. Tight clothes are much safer than loose clothes.

  • Heavy Backpack

Wearing a heavy backpack can be extremely uncomfortable. There are a lot of safety issues that what you have packed in your bag and in case of an accident it could be even more dangerous.

  • Headphones

According to Driving Laws, it is illegal in a lot of States in the USA to wear headphones while driving. Listening to music while riding a mountain bike could give you good vibes but it makes you unable to hear what is going around you.

Riding a mountain bike could be easier and a fun way if you choose the right clothing with the right choice of protective gear. This complete blog will help you out in finding any of the questions related to mountain biking.

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