Exclusive Inflatable Tent – THE CAVE, CAIRO CAMO

Exclusive Inflatable Tent – THE CAVE, CAIRO CAMO

Exclusive Inflatable Tents, for everyone who loves travel and simplicity!

The inflatable frame, inner and outer tent work as one unit and only need to be put together for the very first set-up. Then it just needs to be pumped up and the tent stands up by itself.

Exclusive Inflatable Tent – THE CAVE, CAIRO CAMO


Just unroll, inflate and welcome home!

THE CAVE is our first inflatable tent and it still is an icon. All it takes is a pump and in less than a minute your tent will be pitched. Thanks to its geodesic dome construction with ten crossing points THE CAVE is extremely strong and because it is made from high-quality materials it offers weatherproofness and durabilty too.

The Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) guarantees stability and an intuitive and easy setup of THE CAVE so you can get the maximum out of your trip. It provides support for the waterproof RipStop Polyester fly sheet and the RipStop Nylon inner tent with lots of storage compartments.

The vestibule is good for storing smaller things or your shoes. The gear loft under the inner tent roof offers added storage – put your lamp inside and create a diffuse and ambient light inside THE CAVE.  

For everyone who loves travelling and simplicity! Inflatable frame, inner and outer tent work as one unit and only need to be assembled on the very first setup. From the second time on you just need to pump it up. 



Five closable ventilation points and the entrance offer maximum flexibility. They ensure a sufficient air exchange and a good climate inside the tent.


The tent’s centre becomes an additional supporting point. This allows the formation of a star-shaped roof. The result is a point-symmetrical slope that offers five run-offs for rain.



Multiple sewn-in bags inside the tent offer space for smaller and bigger items. A vestibule at the entrance provides room for cooking equipment or for your shoes. 

A detachable gear loft underneath the rooftop offers additional storage space and can be used to put a lamp inside for a diffused atmospheric room light.

Inflatable Tent The Cave



The excludability of individual chambers offers emergency stability in case of a defect and ensures easy repair or re- placement of parts of the inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG).

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