Exclusive Inflatable Tent

Exclusive Inflatable Tents

Exclusive Inflatable Tents, for everyone who loves travel and simplicity! The inflatable frame, inner and outer tent work as one unit and only need to be put together for the very first set-up. Then it just needs to be pumped up and the tent stands up by itself.

Tent technology is continuously on the move. The most recent significant invention for camping and outdoor adventure has been the move to inflatable tents. At first, this sounds like a silly idea but has proven to be both functional and popular.

An Inflatable Tent (or air tent) is just like other tents, except for one significant difference. Instead of having traditional poles made from metal, plastic, or fiberglass, they use inflatable beams pumped up to provide the structure. Installing and set-up of an Inflatable tent is way faster (80-90 % faster) and has more advantages with regards to handling.

The term inflatable tent might sound a bit like a bouncy house, but in reality, it’s the general term for a tent with inflatable beams rather than fiberglass poles. That is the reason these tents are also called air tents or inflatable beam tents. Inflatable tents are ideal for camping solo or with your family.

The whole pop up idea that you get with smaller tents which have traditional plastic or fiberglass poles that can be pitched in seconds is excellent, but that doesn’t work that well with a tent that needs to house six or more people. That can get a little awkward. These inflatable tents simply need to be unfolded, pumped up, and pegged down. It may take 10-15 minutes the first time. 

Subsequently, pitching was a little quicker once I had worked out how the tent was oriented. There are some crass supports inside that can be attached for added stability, although I didn’t find these necessary.

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