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Hiking and Camping Essentials for beginners

Hiking and Camping and Essentials 

  • What type of Outdoor Shelter or Tent needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • What Outdoor Sleeping Gear is needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • What Outdoor Clothes are needed when backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • What Cooking Gear needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • Which Outdoor Safety Items needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • What Personal Gear needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?
  • What other Outdoor Gear Tips when backpacking or on a Camping Trip? 

What type of Outdoor Shelter or Tent needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?


Tent buying can be a quite challenging task and more so for first-time buyers. Championed by the availability of a wide variety of tents, there is a whole load of companies producing various tents. Making the right decision can come on handy in ensuring an experience filled with maximum comfort.

On the issue of size, you must select one that is based on the size of the group and the need for additional space for such things as gear or a pet. When selecting a tent based on the size, often go for the closest fit. You can consider more roomy tents if you are a large person, claustrophobic, like turning and tossing at night or if you are bringing a child or pet with you. 

In terms of temperature ratings, you want to choose a 3-season tent. These are lightweight options that can withstand the conditions of spring summer and fall. 3-season tents come with adequate mesh panels for maximum airflow.

While they can withstand storms and winds, it is not advisable to subject it to such conditions. If you are looking for something to sustain longer usage while withstanding the early spring trips and the snowy late fall, you should get a 3-4 season tent. 

You should also take into consideration the material of the tent poles that come with your tent. For this option, your first choice should be tent poles made with carbon fiber. These are flexible, very strong and come at a minimal weight, making the perfect choice to survive harsh conditions. 

However, these do come at a premium price. You can opt for fiberglass tent poles. These are very strong and are a cheap option. However, they are less flexible and not conducive for use in cold temperatures.


What Outdoor Sleeping Gear is needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?

Unless you have decided to go the glamping way, it is wise to bring along some sleeping gear with you. Must-have items on your sleeping gear list should include.



Camping tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, the dome-shaped tent, which is a traditional design and a fan favorite for being spacious. Additionally, dome-shaped tents are made of minimal material, therefore making it a lightweight addition to your backpack.

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However, please note that taking your pet along in a one-person tent will not be comfortable at all. It is advisable to get a 2-person tent for the extra space or to leave the pet at home.

For more information about tents, we have made a great helpful Guide for you!



If you prefer a more comfortable and protective outdoor sleeping experience, you may want to consider a hammock instead of a tent. Key advantages include not having to worry about lying on an uneven surface or rocks.

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Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags come in different materials, thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. However, key aspects that should come into play when you are deciding on a sleeping bag include weather conditions, size of the sleeping bag and personal comfort needs. We have made several Sleeping Guides for you, depending on the Model and Type. 

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Sleeping pad

Even with a hammock being extra comfortable, tents remain a popular choice among many people. Therefore, if you choose a tent, you might want to get a sleeping pad. 

A sleeping pad is placed on the ground so that you unroll your sleeping bag on it. In doing so, it acts as a cushion between you and the surface of the camping grounds. Additionally, a sleeping pad helps prevent the build-up of moisture beneath your body. Without a sleeping bag, you would be cold all night. Check out our Post on Sleeping Pads and Mats here.


What Outdoor Clothes are needed when backpacking or on a Camping Trip?

Your selection of clothing for a camping or a backpacking trip can be the cause of a great experience or a disastrous one. Clothing is critical and there are some key fundamentals regarding clothing that you should know.

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Type of fabric

For a camping trip, you should go for a quick-drying, breathable and warm piece of clothing. These are often made with synthetic fibers, whose properties ensure that it is windproof, dries very quickly and does not absorb water.

You can check your wardrobe for clothes made with synthetic fiber and therefore no need to purchase new clothes.

You can also bring with you some lightweight shirts made of a 50/50 blend of synthetic and cotton. However, please avoid carrying cotton clothing as these absorb water very fast and can be quite uncomfortable when wet.



With the weather being unpredictable, it is wise to bring along multiple clothing that can help you handle various temperatures.

You might want to include light shorts and pants for hot clear weather and also include a raincoat just in case you get stuck in a storm.



One efficient way of staying comfortable outdoors is by dressing in layers.

By having different layers on you, you can stay comfortable by adding or removing a layer to match the outdoor temperature. 

  • For the base layer, you will require clothing made of polypropylene or other synthetic fiber since they are key in wicking moisture from your skin. This allows the skin to remain dry and comfortable.

  • For the middle layer, having long pants and long sleeve shirts will come in handy in keeping you comfortable in both cooler and hotter temperatures.

  • For the outer layer, a wool sweater or a fleece jacket will work just fine. This layer works to provide insulation, and therefore fabrics made from synthetic fleece will be perfect for this layer.

  • For the shelf layer, you should consider a waterproof rain jacket (consider testing it on the shower before taking it to backpack or camping). For this layer, consider a coated nylon rain jacket. These tend to be an inexpensive option, lightweight and work very well.

  • You can also bring along a wide-brimmed hat. These offer great protection from the sun and the rain.

Check out here what type of clothing suits you best!


What Cooking Gear needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?


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The kind of cooking gear that you will require on a camping trip will vary depending on your culinary preference and the kind of camping trip you are planning to take on.

While it might be easy to bring along prepared food in packages if you prefer a well-prepared campground gourmet, here are some key picks for your simple personal camp kitchen:

Reusable dinnerware

When out camping, ensure that you leave no litter behind. It would be distasteful to arrive at the sight of discarded pizza boxes, plastic utensils, and Styrofoam plates. Instead, ensure that you bring along reusable diner wear as it can save you money in the long run. A key example is the Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set, Red. For more other ideas on best selected outdoor Dinnerware, you can check out this selection


Camp stove

This is a crucial necessity and will help you cook your meals while camping. Camp stoves often come with fuel canisters that hold a pressured mixture of propane and butane into liquid form.

This liquid is vaporized as it emerges from the burner of the attached stove. A recommendable camp stove is the Coleman two-burner. It folds up very well and will get the job done perfectly.


Lighters and matches

You want to make sure you bring a couple of them, as they tend to get lost or get wet.


Reusable tablecloth

This can come in handy in wet conditions in wiping surfaces. An example here.



For the cookware, you want something strong and spacious to handle your cooking. We recommend that you check the Lodge L8SK3 Cast Iron Skillet and Ready for Stove Top or Oven Use, 10.25″, Black. It is spacious enough that you can even boil considerable volumes of water with it. here some more Hiking Stoves as an example.


Cooking utensils / tools

For this option, try keeping it simple. For example, you can have a stirring rod that can also serve as a rolling pin. Ensure that you pack a considerable amount of heavy-duty aluminum foil. 

Hiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.comHiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com



Key seasonings you can bring along include chili flakes, cayenne, pepper, and salt. You can have them stored in an all in one container, which helps maximize space rather than having a container for each.


Sharp knives and cutting board

Unless you are looking to have all your meals prepared and pre-chopped, having a knife or two coupled with a chopping board will come in handy. For security and storage purposes, bring along knives with protective sheaths.


Which Outdoor Safety items needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?

Hiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.comWhile camping provides a great getaway experience in the wilds, every camper will tell you the importance of being prepared. This section shall cover camping safety gear items that you should bring along your next backpacking or camping trip.


First aid kit

This is a very crucial item of the camping safety gear checklist. Anything can happen in the woods, and mostly if you have a wound, it can end up being infected.

You should, therefore, bring with you a kit such as the First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit. It has all the necessities required to treat minor injuries as well as supplies that can be used to help with serious injuries before the arrival of help.


Mini fire extinguisher

If you are planning to cook while camping, it is wise that you bring along a fire extinguisher.

You will not need to carry a large extinguisher, as this will have a huge toll on the weight of your backpack. There are several small extinguishers in the market that you can get for fair prices.

One such example is the Mini Firefighter MF01 Purpose Extinguisher.


Safety whistle

A great way to summon for help when lost or injured in the wild is through a safety whistle. If you are camping with kids, ensure they have this, and they can call for help when lost. Just make sure you have got one!


Spot headlamp

The adventure should not stop at the start of darkness. Having a spot headlamp with you will come in handy, especially if you would like to extend the journey through the night.

You can check out the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, which is fitted with LED bulbs emitting 350 lumens.


Emergency survival kit

An emergency survival kit will hold crucial tools that you will require for survival in the wilderness.

Hiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.comHiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com


While it can be seen perhaps as overkill, but especially with the family, the emergency kit will be crucial to have if you love hiking. One such is the EILIKS Emergency Survival Kits, but for more flavors and options you can have a look here.


Motion detector alarm

Mobile motion detector alarms are great for providing light at night and will warn you of anything coming close to your tent. You can use it as a perimeter alarm and have you be alert of your surroundings at night.

We have made a post on Outdoor Safety, we recommend to have a look as it has many useful tips.


What Personal Gear needed when Backpacking or on a Camping Trip?

Personal effects

Bringing with you personal hygiene products will go a long way in ensuring comfort in your camping or backpacking experience. Some simple basic items that you can start with include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Razor
  • Comb and brush
  • Soap, towel and wash rage
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

Some suggestions and ideas here.



If your camping period is to spread over several days or weeks, you must bring with you sources of entertainment. However, if you are camping as a group, you can opt for team building activities. For solo camping, keep yourself entertained by exploring your camping surrounding. Some key gear you can bring along include:

  • Bikes
  • Fishing gear
  • Playing cards
  • Travel-size board games
  • A camera and a pair of binoculars

Navigation tools

If you are planning to camp or backpack an area for the first time, be wary of getting lost. Therefore, you must invest in a few key navigational tools such as

  • Flashlight with spare batteries.
  • Two-way radios. These can come in handy when communicating between two camping groups.
  • A pen and a guidebook
  • A power bank to charge your mobile phone
  • A map and a compass
  • Portable GPS


Cleaning tools

If you prefer setting camp on clean grounds, it will not hurt to pack a few cleaning items. These include biodegradable soaps, dish rags, laundry detergent, dustpan, and a broom.


What other Outdoor Gear tips when backpacking or on a Camping Trip?

Apart from the crucial requirements for a better and backpacking experience, there are other gears that you might want to bring along. They include:


Trekking poles

As you make your way into the wild, you are expected to see more and more people using trekking poles.

The secret is because having this addition to your kit will ensure that a lot of pressure put on the keens and feet is reduced significantly.

You will feel your overall hiking experience being much easier. 

When looking for the perfect trekking poles, choose between telescoping and folding options that are either made by carbon fiber or aluminum and have cork and foam grips.

You can try the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles – Pair. Built with high-quality materials that give you a nice balance between durability and comfort.


Gloves and beanies

These additions are crucial in ensuring that your comfort is maintained through cold temperatures.

Beanies become more important in cases where you lack a hooded sleeping bag, or you are using a quilt.

In such a case, you will have to find other means of keeping you warm and having a beanie or a hooded sweater will come along way.


Camp shoes

After you have spent a whole day adventuring out in the wild, you must get a change from the sweaty hiking boots and shoes to some fresh footwear. 

There is a variety of choices when it comes to camp shoes ranging from trail runners to outdoor sandals to crocs.

While you might add on some weight on your backpack by bringing camp shoes, they sure are a luxurious addition to your trip.


Backpacking chair

Hiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com


A backpacking chair is one of the items that you might find unnecessary in a trailhead and therefore leave it in your car.

However, prepare to be jealous of campmates who brought their backpacking chairs for that extra comfort. 

One such comfortable backpacking chair is the Helinox Chair Zero.  Some more examples you can find here.

It will get you nicely off the ground while giving you great back support and keeps you dry. All this for an extra space that can fit a bottle of water.

The chair folds in nicely and does not add extra weight to your backpack. However, if you are planning on doing a long hike, consider using stones and branches for sitting.

For short, comfortable hikes and camping, feel free to bring a chair with you.



The choice of sunglasses will be based on your condition and preference.

However, it is a nice addition to have with you while backpacking. Sunglasses can be extra helpful when it gets bright outside.

Hiking and Camping Essentials - OutdoorSleepingAdventure.com

This is mostly experienced when hiking in dry areas and the glare emitted in snow and water. Additionally, you can use sunglasses to keep dirt and wind off your eyes. Our definite choice for Sunglasses is always the same, have a look here for some inspirati

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