Outdoor Camping and Hiking Checklist

Outdoor Camping and Hiking Checklist

Outdoor Camping and Hiking Checklist –  a complete list of items you need to think about, just to make sure you are well-prepared and can enjoy your Camping and Hiking trips 100% 

In this list:

  • Backpacking Gear items
  • Sleeping and Shelter items
  • Outdoor Clothing items
  • Cooking Gear items
  • Outdoor Safety Items
  • Personal Gear items
  • Other Outdoor Gear items

Just scroll down for the printer version.

For your convenience and reference, you can click on each item to check and further explore options and for a good price-comparison!

Backpacking Gear

Compression sack

About us

We are Arthur and Eileen and passionate about hiking and camping. Over the past years, we have had many great trips, together with our dog Stippy . We have learned a lot about the practical “need to know’s” and investigated many different camping topics to better understand.

All we have learned and know will be posted on this website. We will continue to update the website on a regular basis with new interesting Outdoor Topics!

We hope this information will help you with an even better Outdoor Sleeping Experience.

Comfortable on your Outdoor Trips!

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Medium

Outdoor Safety!

Next to having a great Outdoor Experience we have to ensure our trips and adventures will be done Safely.

A great overview with advice and tips are available on the site of US FOREST SERVICE. Tips for trail trips, camping trips, how to deal with lightning and much more helpful guidance. 

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