What is the Best Ultralight Air Beam Tent?

What is the best ultralight air beam tent

What is the Best Ultralight Air Beam Tent?

With the latest innovations, air beam tents have been upgraded to be lighter, better, and easier to install to ensure your next camping trip is as comfortable as possible. However, it might be daunting to figure out which of these ultralight inflatable tents is appropriate for you. 

An ultralight air beam tent, also known as an inflatable tent, is a tent that has inflatable beams that are inflated with air using a pump to give the tent its structure and stability. Setting up an air beam tent is much faster and easier than setting up a traditional tent with traditional metal, fiberglass, or plastic poles.

When looking through the new variations of tents available, one of the most eye-catching and innovative ones are Air Beam Tents. Before you invest in an Air Beam tent, it is essential to understand which is the best air beam tent that is ultra-light and easy to install. 

What is an Ultralight Air Beam Tent?

An Air Beam tent is quite similar to regular tents; however, instead of having poles made out of fiberglass or metal to provide structural support, these tents have inflatable beams pumped up with hair to give structure to the tent. 

Are Air Beam Tents Any Good?

Air beam tents have grown to popularity for a good reason, they’re innovative, effective, and many campers have approved the new technology. These tents are made with high-quality materials and therefore are very dependable.

Are Ultralight Air Tents Better Than Pole Tents?

With the latest technology, Air Beam tents have proved to be a worthy replacement for regular tents. Air Beam tents are durable, lightweight, and have the advantage of often being much more robust and more stable during rough weather than traditional tents with metal, plastic, or fiberglass poles. 

How Good Are Ultralight Air Tents in Wind?

Contrary to the assumption made by several people regarding these inflatable tents, air beam tents have proven to have quite a lot of strength. The beams present in the air tents become quite firm but still flexible after inflated and hence make sure that the tent won’t budge during the strongest winds. 

Do Air Tents Leak?

During the making of air tents, very durable and robust material is used to make sure that the tent has little to no problems with leakage. Since the inflatable beams provide the entirety of the air tent’s structural support, they are carefully crafted and tested several times to ensure that the air pumped into these beams does not escape and deflate the tent.

What is the Best Ultralight Air Beam Tent?

Before purchasing an air beam tent, there is a lot to know about these new kinds of tents to ensure that you get the best inflatable tent to fit your needs best. 

When looking for the best ultra-light air beam tents to buy, one is very likely to find him/herself confused. It is crucial to make sure one invests in the right product to save one from any hassle or unfortunate occurrence. Here we shall narrow down to some of the best air beam tents for you to buy.

What is the Best Air Beam Tent to Buy?

When it comes to buying the best air beam tent, we would confidently suggest none other than the HEIMPLANET Cave 2-3 Person Waterproof Inflatable Dome Tent. This 4.8 kg air beam tent is built sophistically using inflatable bladders. The Heimplanet Cave can easily withstand 5000 mm of rain and due to the roof design, the tent’s centre becomes an additional supporting point. This allows the formation of a star-shaped roof. The result is a point-symmetrical slope that offers five run-offs for rain.

Moreover, thanks to the geodesic frame structure Heimplanet tents are extremely stable. Even their largest tent can withstand windspeeds up to 110mph.

Hence, when it comes to buying the best air beam tent, the tents of HEIMPLANET would be our first choice and suggestion. 

How Much is an Inflatable Tent?

There are a large variety of inflatable tents on the market, with different price points as well. However, good quality and nicely made air beam tent costs somewhere around $500 to $900. The price can be higher or lower, but in this range, one can find a relatively high-quality air beam tent that will function in the intended way. 

Who is the Best Air Beam Tent Manufacturer?

There are many respectable and reputable Air Beam tent manufacturers. When it comes to listing down the best one, it would undoubtedly be HEIMPLANET. This particular manufacturer aims to produce top-notch, lightweight camping gear that is easy to use. Heimplanet launched their first inflatable tent “The Cave” in 2011 and continues to take over the world of user-friendly, ultralight, inflatable camping gear till the present day. 

How Do Air Beam Tents Work?

Although the technology behind air tents might seem confusing, it’s simple and straightforward. The tubes or ‘beams’ present in air beam tents get pumped up with air, which allows them to gain strength, and this causes the space inside the tent to increase, and these air-filled beams then provide structural support to the tent. This functioning of the inflatable tent takes very little time and can be done by a single camper. 

How Do I Pump Up My Air Tent? 

To pump up your inflatable tent, you will need to find the valves to attach the air pump to it. Depending on your air tent’s brand, there might be a single valve – connecting the air pump to which will cause air to be pumped into all the tent’s beams – or there might be individual valves for each beam. The instructions attached to the tent will provide adequate information regarding the valve position. 

Once identified, attach the air pump to the valve(s) and inflate, making sure that the pump’s pressure is set according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

How Do You Pitch An Air Tent?

Pitching up an inflatable air tent is relatively easy and requires minimum effort. Once the tent has been unfolded and laid down flat on the area you want to pitch your tent on, you will allow it to inflate using the method mentioned above. While the beams are inflated, you might need to ensure that the beams are being aerated in the right shape. After the creases have all been smoothed out and the tent is adequately secured by pegging and tightening the guy ropes around the tent, your air tent is ready to reside. 

What Are The Best Ultralight Air Beam Tent Brands?

Several different kinds of brands are the owners of high-quality air beam tents on the market. We have listed down some of the best ones below:

First up is Heimplanet. They have a variety of different tents, the 2-Person  Fistral Tent being the lightest with a weight of only 2.5 kilograms and a Water Resistance Technology of 5000 mm. They also have the 4- Person Backdoor Tent, the 3-Person The Cave Tent and the 6-Person Nias Classic Tunnel Tent, all of them lightweight, inflatable and waterproof withstanding 5000 mm of rain.

Other high-quality air beam tents are the Outwell Woodburg 6A Air Tent and the Outwell Reddick 5A Air Tent.  Although these are not backpacking tents, they are ideal for camping with your family or group of friends.

Another air beam tent brand that is loved by many different campers is Vango. The inflatable tents offered by Vango are quite simple and perfect for those who are beginners in both camping and air tents. The Vango Airbeam Portlant Tent is ideal for family camping, easy to set up and is strong, light and with a 3,000 mm HH rating, ensuring high quality and performance coupled with compact pack sizes.

Conclusion: What is The Best Ultralight Air Beam Tent?

Whether you are an avid camper or just beginning to enter the world of camping, a good quality air beam tent will be worth the investment. These tents are easy to use and carry, spacious, and are made of high-quality materials. Whereas the best air tent varies according to the camper’s specific demands, there are certain qualities that an inflatable air tent must possess to serve its purpose effectively and efficiently. These particular qualities include being waterproof, lightweight, easy to pitch, and fold once it is done being used.

Most importantly, the beams must be made up of high-quality material to ensure no leakage occurs. The material’s strength will also make sure that the tent can withstand various kinds of harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and even thunderstorms. A sturdy tent is perhaps the first requirement for a backpacker or camper. Due to the nature of air beam tents, they are an extremely viable option for campers interested in acquiring appropriate, ultralight camping gear. In our opinion, we would suggest air beam tents manufactured by HEIMPLANET to fall under the category of the best ultralight air beam tents.  

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