What is the Best Ultralight Dome Tent?

What is the best ultralight done tent lightweight dome tent

What is the Best Ultralight Dome Tent?

When you go camping, backpacking, or on a hike with your friends or family and plan on staying for the night, you need shelter. An ultralight dome tent is an excellent choice to bring along with you. But what is an ultralight dome tent and which is the best for you? 

An ultralight dome tent is a lightweight tent with the shape of a dome. Due to its lightness, it’s easy to carry anywhere, occupying minimum space in your bag and offering protection from rain and wind with maximum structural stability. Due to its shape, the dome tent provides space as well as easy entry and exit. 

Ultralight Dome Tents are excellent to bring with you for camping, hiking, and all sorts of outdoor trips. Many different types of ultralight dome tents are available, each with their own unique and distinguishing features. Read on to learn more about the ultralight dome tent and discover which one is best suited to your needs.

What is the best ultralight lightweight dome tent

What is a Dome Tent?

A Dome Tent is a tent-shaped like a dome and has an igloo-like appearance. A dome tent offers a rectangular floor space and contains two poles that run diagonally, connecting and upholding the structure in a dome-shaped appearance. 

It is designed to be movable and freestanding, which means that the dome tent doesn’t necessarily need to be pitched or nailed into the ground and can easily be set up anywhere. Another benefit, a dome tent can be moved around easily.

However, like most tents, dome tents can also be staked into the ground for better stability. When terrains are not smooth, are sloped, or there is a chance of heavy wind, we recommend to stake and secure your dome tent to prevent the tent from being ruined.  

Dome tents can be easily set up anywhere by a single person, so very handy when you’re traveling solo. They come in different sizes, offering space for 3 to 6 people in general, and some are designed to accommodate even more.

what is a dome tent

Here are a few easy steps to set up an Ultralight Dome Tent:

  1. Pick a location and straighten the tent on the floor, making sure the floor is clear of any debris, and the right side of the tent is facing upwards.
  2. Straighten the poles. Most ultralight tents come with sticks that are flexible and easily adjustable. What you need to do is assemble the poles/sticks and fully stretch them out so they can uphold the tent.
  3. Run the poles through the tent and insert them into the tubes provided on each corner of the tent.
  4. After that, you need to take each pole and fasten it to the adjacent corners, and as you do that, you may have to bend the sticks, which might require some force, but upon bending and fixing the poles, the tent will start to take the shape of a dome, and there you have it, your own set up lightweight dome tent.

Are Dome Tents Good?

Dome tents are good and extremely popular amongst campers and backpackers due to their design and durability. Their unique design enables them to withstand stormy nights, rain, wind, and are even considered superior to other types of tents. These tents’ distinctive features are the sloping walls on every corner of the tent, allowing water to easily slide off the walls onto the ground without penetrating the tent or accumulating on top, making the tent damp and heavy.

Ultralight Dome Tents also provide more space within than other types of tents due to the rectangular or square floor space, and given the size of the dome, it can be big enough even to allow a person to stand inside the dome tent. Lightweight Tents provide the best outdoor camping solution for people in need of adventure but want comfort at the same time. Dome tents may not require a lot of space when folded and are easy to carry. 

Are dome tents good

When Should You Use a Dome Tent?

Although lightweight dome tents are designed to use for all sorts of camping purposes and in numerous situations, there are a few scenarios where ultralight dome tents are preferred over any other type of lightweight tents. Mostly depending on the camping site, weather, and terrain conditions.

Most backpackers, hikers, or travelers prefer ultralight dome tents due to the following principal reasons:

  • Portability
  • Weight

These are 2 of the most important things to consider when buying an ultralight dome tent. Since dome tents usually are already lightweight, they prove to be the best option to carry around, especially if the tent needs to be folded and set up several times, considering it is quick and easy to set up and does not require specialized tools or skills. As mentioned before, a single person can even set it up.

when should you use a dome tent

It would be best if you use a dome tent in areas such as:

  • The Mountains
  • Hilly areas
  • The jungle
  • Muddy areas
  • Deserts/places that are more vulnerable to wind.
  • Watery lands and areas that are more susceptible to rain.

Due to its unique structure, a dome tent provides enhanced stability. Secondly, the dome tent is the best choice for a tent in humid areas and weather conditions that require ventilation since it has openings for ventilation on either side.

What are the Ultralight Dome Tent Requirements?

The requirements for a good-quality ultralight dome tent mainly include size, accessibility, special features, and space provided within the tent. 

Some lightweight dome tent requirements are:


The high-quality ultralight dome tent needs to be light in weight to easily be packed and carried anywhere for camping or backpacking purposes and be easy enough for one person to set up. 


Due to their simplicity and unique dome-like shape, dome tents are less complicated and faster to set up than any other tent type. Dome tents only have a few poles and guylines. It is dome-shaped with two poles running across the tent diagonally, which are bent to give the tent its dome-like shape, good aerodynamics which leads to excellent stability—nothing complex about this design backpacker or camper needs after a tiring day outdoors.

what are ultralight dome tent requirements


A good dome tent should provide enough space for you to move around comfortably inside the tent. Dome tents mostly offer enough room for headspace when you sit up due to their shape, and considering the size of a dome tent, it sometimes allows a person even to move around.

Easy Entry and Exit:

Accessibility of a tent is ultimately the first preference when setting it up. The best ultralight dome tent should have an easy entry and exit that would not require a person using it to put in a lot of effort to get inside the tent or get out, especially in emergencies where one quickly needs to get inside or evacuate the tent. Ultralight Dome Tents offer huge space on their entry, which allows a person to comfortably enter and even has a small shelter over its entrance.

What is the Best Ultralight Dome Tent?

The best ultralight dome tent needs to be spacious, comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, compact, and, most importantly, must withstand heavy winds, rains, and rough terrain.

The best ultralight dome tent is the one that offers a complete package. Firstly, respecting reliability and durability according to all tent standards. Secondly, to comfortably sleep in it and provide maximum strength, stability, and protection against all kinds of weather while being extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

Here are the Ultralight Dome Tents that we recommend:

Best Ultralight Dome Tents:
  • Big Agnes Copper Spur Platinum Backpacking Tent – Ultra lightweight two-door, full-featured, free-standing double-wall tent with large dual zipper door. Easy to pitch and waterproof. The best overall backpacking tent offering high quality and space.
  • MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 Lightweight Backpacking Tent – Excellent weather protection due to the Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating that lasts up to three times longer than standard waterproof coatings. This is a great lightweight and durable backpacking tent with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • SlingFin Crossbow 2 Mesh Tent – Extraordinarily lightweight two-person and three-season tent. Very spacious, strong, robust dome tent, ideal for ultralicht outdoor sleeping adventures.
  • Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL – This ultralight tent comes in 1, 2 or 3 person versions. The DAC poles create a strong structure that is light and spacious. It has an oversized ceiling pocket and two interior mesh pockets that provide great storage space. All Big Agnes tents come ready to pitch; with pre-cut guy lines and tensioners attached to fly.
  • Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Ultralight & Roomy – Designed for comfort & livability on any adventure, the Dagger boasts vertical walls, increased headroom, and expert backcountry functionality; Pre-bent DAC Featherlite poles with Jake’s feet maximize volume without weighing you down.

Best Budget-Friendly Ultralight Dome Tents:

  • Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent – 2 person, 32 square foot lightweight tent ideal for backpacking or camping; includes seam taped, full coverage weatherproof rain fly. Dual d-shaped doors for easy access; dual overhead vestibules for extra storage space. Spacious, comfortable, lightweight tent ideal for backpacking or traveling light.
  • Featherstone Ultralight Backpacking Tent – This waterproof, 3-season lightweight tent packs very compact, is durable & breathable. Weather Protected: Seam Taped Construction makes an impenetrable barrier against rain and prevents leakage. Backed with a limited lifetime manufacturing warranty.
  • Naturehike Star River Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Double Layer, waterproof, spacious ultralight dome tent that’s quick and easy to set up and take down. 
  • Hyke & Byke Yosemite Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Lightweight and durable, this dome tent comes with a lifetime’s manufacturers warranty. It’s easy to set up, take down and has a handy gear loft for extra storage space.
  • GEERTOP Waterproof Backpacking Tent – Lightweight, easy to set up, waterproof, double layered dome tent. Compact and easy to travel with during hiking, backpacking, and camping.

What is the Lightest Dome Tent?

A dome tent with minimum weight, size, and easy carry can be defined as the lightest dome tent. There are various lightweight dome tents available on the market with different weights, such as the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Ultralight Tent (click on the link to check the current price on Amazon), which has a weight of only 1 lb, 15 oz and provides ample space and is extremely easy to pack and carry. Another excellent ultralight tent is the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL (check the latest price on Amazon) with a weight of only 2 lb, 3 oz.

What is a Good Tent Weight For Backpacking?

Tents come in numerous sizes and weights. A good two-person tent weight for backpacking should not be too heavy —approximately 2lb to 3lb. Tents even lighter than this are available. However, the best ultralight dome tent for 1 person, offering the maximum space should weigh between 1 to 2 lbs.

How Heavy Should Your Backpacking Tent Be?

When deciding on how heavy your backpacking tent should be, two things that should come to your mind are the amount of weight one can carry and how many people are there to share the weight. First, everyone shares the trail weight, and then there is a packing weight that excludes the poles and some items. The tent’s trail weight should be manageable by the people carrying it, including its sticks and the tools needed. A good approximation would be that the trail weight should not exceed 5 to 6lbs, making it difficult for the carrier.

The Best Ultralight Dome Tent – Now You Know

An ultralight dome tent is without any doubt the best shelter option for your camping, backpacking, or hiking trip, whether you’re on a solo outdoor sleeping adventure or with your friends. Its unique design, features, lightweight, and easy installation make the ultralight dome tent your best outdoor adventure companion.

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